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Winery Limo Tours

Come experience the best of Long Island Wine Country on one of our winery limo tours. New York’s Long Island wine region is one of the most diverse and interesting in the state, producing thrilling, award-winning wines.

long-island-wine-tourWine tours by limousine, whether a romantic picnic for two or a party of friends offers a time to celebrate the unique process of winemaking, with wine tasting stops at different vineyards throughout the Hamptons and North Fork wine country.

Forget the hassle of selecting which vineyards to try and how to get to the all – sit back and relax and let our local drivers, who know all the best wineries, guide your trip in style and comfort. Focus on enjoying friends and the beautiful scenery that Long Island offers of lush green grapevines and glorious sunsets. Fully appreciate all the wines that you desire without worrying about drinking too much to drive – because we drive you door to door.

Our wine tour packages are complete and can also be customized for your preferences – white or red? Hamptons or North Fork? You choose your perfect tour of the wineries and vineyards of Long Island in either limousine, Towncar or SUV.

Thanks Twin Forks Limos, me and my friends had a great fun and learned so much on our wine tour of the Hamptons and Long Island Vineyards. Great to go with a local who knows the best wine tasting places.

Madeline Stewart, Wine Taster

What a beautiful tour my wife and I took in the Long Island vineyards. They are almost as beautiful as our French vineyards. Very polite and knowledgeable drivers. Recommend.

Charles Pierre Gustuv, President

Highly recommend this limousine wine tasting tour. One of the best experiences of my life. We loved visiting all the Long Island vineyards in style. Tasted great wine and enjoyed the scenery – txs.

Joe and Susan Wells

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Our Vineyard Tour: Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

In 2017, we are celebrating our Ruby Anniversary, being married for 40 years. I received some sparkling glamorous ruby jewelry, from my nice and thoughtful husband. I thought that this milestone called for more celebrating in a new and different way. Being married for so long, you know each other so well. My husband knew my love for jewelry, and I know his love of traveling and visiting fun places. So this year I planned a trip to the Long Island Winery Tour with another couple, friends of ours who had also, coincidentally, been celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We had studied together in college in the 1970’s and even got married within a week of each other. So that sure called for a celebration both of friendship and our loving marriages!

The wine region of Long Island, New York is one of the most diverse & interesting in the United States. Not to forget award-winning too. We had meant to get away for a long time from the hustle bustle of the Big Apple, NYC, finally, I got ourselves a weekend free for this limo winery tour.

I opted for Twin Fork Limousine services and my, was I impressed! I don’t remember the last time we traveled in a limousine. This winery tour was sure going to be in style. The shiny black limo parked outside our building and caught my husband off-guard. Boy, was he surprised! Though I had mentioned to him about the tour, he had no idea that a gleaming limousine shall be taking us to the vineyards.

The driver was not only courteous and pleasant but had complete knowledge about all the Hamptons and North Fork wineries located in the Long Island vicinity. So there was no hassle of arriving at a place late. They were not only our drivers but our tour guides too. The entire trip was comfortable and enjoyable.

We were able to enjoy and observe the unique process of winemaking and to taste some of the most beautiful and exquisite wines from different vineyards throughout the North Fork wine country and Hamptons. The scenery that Long Island offers throughout the journey was enchanting with lush green grapevines and brilliant sunsets.We just sat back and relaxed enjoying the view, smooth drive and wine. The car service was quiet and comfortable and added to the amazing experience.

Twin Fork Limousine offers complete wine tour packages which can also be customized according to your preferences and this made our trip all the more fun as they catered to every need. It was beyond our expectations of a vineyard tour. Furthermore, they personalized the wine-tasting experience just for us. I was impressed and pleased with my choice of Twin Fork Limousines for our winery tour as I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. There was no worry about driving or drinking too much either. Our driver, Gregg was great.

We had a memorable time, and this was the best anniversary celebration my husband and I had ever had! I don’t know how I will top this for our 41st wedding anniversary.


Marjorie and Joe Daly